I clicked on a Ms word resume document link, and I don't have word, so it opened in word pad. Most of it is jibberish?

So I find an online Ms word I can use. But how do I get the resume template word document to open into the online Ms word, and NOt stupid word pad?

I'm really stumped. I'm using windows 10 if that helps.

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  • 2 years ago
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    The document must have font that word pad don't have access to (not in your system font folder) That's why it is gibberish.

    Anyway, if you are using an online word tool such as Google Docs then you need to upload the document to the online software so it can access it.

    I don't know what online tool you are using. So I can't tell you the exact way to upload the document.

    Instructions for Google Docs:

    Open Google docs

    Open a black page > File > Open > Upload > Select a file from your computer > Open

    Instructions for Ms.Word online:

    Open word online and there is an option to upload a document on the right top corner

    Select the document > Choose

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