Why doesn’t my Bf reply?

He will be at work the entire day and we will rarely talk which I understand. He has his responsibilities and so do I. When he gets home I’m usually at work, but somehow I manage to text back, but he’ll go 1 hour of not texting me because he is using the restroom when clearly he is using the phone at that time. After he gets home eats, uses the restroom, showers, and goes to sleep. If he’s on his phone during that time why doesn’t he reply? We don’t have that much time to talk and I feel like he doesn’t take advantage of it. How to make him realize the time that we have isn’t much and he should atleast text me a few times during his bathroom time to make some time out of it

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    3 years ago
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    Take it from someone who used to be in this situation he's probably avoiding you. If he's really not busy and is able to reply and doesn't he doesn't want to talk to you. My ex did this a lot and it drove me insane. He said I was too negative and put him down a lot, but in my opinion if he was a better boyfriend I would have been a better girlfriend lol. I think you can do better. Put your energy into someone who wants to talk to you as much as you do them. He may be talking to someone else so keep that in mind. . . I would move on. I have a new boyfriend and he talks to me as much as he can even working 12-14 hour shifts. He sees me after those long shifts as well. That's how relationships are supposed to be. I don't need someone talking to me all day long but at least let me know if you're working or busy so im not worried about if you're okay or upset with you because you won't speak to me. My best advice is to break up with him and move on.

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