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At Christmas are you sad most the time and how do I cheer up (I am sad my grandparents died and we don't see family anymore for Christmas)?

The big family gatherings are weddings, funerals, and Summer reunion. Christmas is just my Dad and I.


I am 22 and a guy.

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    Don't be sad. This time in your life has purpose and can be beneficial for both of you.

    Go shopping for clothes - clothing makes the man.

    Take walks outside with your dad and talk about anything.

    Set a comfortable scene in the house also with comfortable furniture to lounge around in.

    Listen to good music.

    Maybe you can play some board games, like Scrabble.

    Food also plays a major part in old-time memories and feeling of well-being, but don't overdo it.

    Cooperate on things where you can, to make conversation and learn how to manage the house.

    Most of all, keep him away from females.

    As with conversation, good to start with something the other person is interested in or to find some solution to local (family) problems or questions.

    Current events are a good topic, but can get stressful

    The ideal use of the question would be to form some souvenirs or memories with your father and at the same time to create some symbolism surrounding things in your lives.

    Make it healing, not stressful or competitive. Draw up memories from the past things that you both enjoy and also add some new elements.

    Just like taking notes during your day about what you saw on your walk through the neighborhood and what you saw, that sort of thing.

    This is life, keep it light.

    On a weekly basis, you can go with chapters of a book you learned in.

    Get a sheet of paper and fold it vertically, then list your ideas, running down, one per line. Link the ideas together into a story if you can and create some new thoughts

    and knowledge to impress him with your analytical ability and to teach him something to keep his mind working.

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    I'm really sorry for your loss. At least you have your dad to spend Christmas with! Frankly, I've been having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year, too. But, what I find helps the situation is watching Christmas movies, going to holiday events in your area, going holiday shopping/thinking of gifts your dad would really like. Take him to a Christmas event, and/or to drive around and see all the houses decked out for the holidays! Go xmas tree shopping at a real tree farm.

    I really hope you're able to find some Christmas cheer this season - it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

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    Watch some classic christmas movies such as home alone

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