If "the Holocaust is a hoax", what should be done about the working camps set up in WW2?

There were many camps in Germany and Eastern Europe where the German government sent criminals, Jews, and unwanted people to do hard labour to supply its war effort.

Now even though the mainstream media said that "those camps were where the Germans tortured and killed Jews", other people say that "those brutalities [holocaust/holo-hoax] were a Jewish lie".

In modern Germany and other countries, they are now used as museums. If that day comes when the whole world regards the "holo-hoax" as "a great lie", what should be done with the camps?

In an ideal world, should they be used again to put modern criminals to work?


This question is for all those who keep saying "the Holocaust is a hoax" or "the NSDAP is the saviour of Germany": should we also bring back the NSDAP as well?

Update 2:

In short: "What should we do with the working camps/"death camps": leave them as museums, or use them for criminals again?"

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    3 years ago
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    It was a hoax. Zyklon B residue is non-existent in the laughably alleged homicidal gas chambers while the delousing rooms (which is what the zyklon B was used for to prevent the spread of typhus) are stained the trademark Prussian Blue from the agent. Simply war propaganda. The work camps (which had orchestra halls, brothels, camp currency, swimming pools for the inmates to use) should be used to house the refugee invaders so they too can be shipped out of the country back to the mideast like Germany was doing with the jews.

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    Holocaust deniers are a joke.

    Everyone but those lazy clueless retards knows the Germans kept all their old Nazi records.

    Germany's own Bad Arolsen Holocaust Archive is packed full of Nazi proof that it all really happened:

    "The 50 million pages stored in this central German spa town since the mid-1950s previously had been used by Red Cross staff to respond to inquiries about missing persons or the fate of family members, and later to document compensation claims. The gray metal shelves and cabinets contain 16 miles (25 kilometers) of transport lists, camp registries, medical records, forced labor files and death certificates of some 17.5 million people subjected to Nazi persecutions."

    Link - http://www.semissourian.com/story/144046...

    "The Bad Arolsen facility, spread over several buildings, began as a British Red Cross card index in 1943 and was used to reunite families beginning in 1946. It now has details on an estimated 17.5 million civilians killed or forced to leave their homes by the Nazis. It includes meticulous records kept at concentration camps by the Nazis and a complete postwar index of every non-citizen who was on German soil during the war years."

    Link - http://www.dw.com/en/nazi-archive-in-bad...

    And it's hardly the only such Archive there is:

    "EHRI – the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure – provides access to rich information about more than 1,800 Holocaust-related archival institutions in 51 countries..."

    Link - http://www.ehri-project.eu/online-portal...

    Holocaust denies are clearly all too stupid and/or delusional to realize what jokes they are to sane, normal people.

    But deniers deserve what they get for being too pathetically lazy and worthlessly irresponsible to ever actually fact-check.

    And too retarded to believe truth over whatever bullsh*t fantasies they desperately want, wish and pretend are real instead.

    Yet the minute you lock on up, they suddenly, magically remember how to tell truth from fiction. Funny how that works.

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    They would still be historically valuable and could still be museums. They would just have to cut out all the Jewish lies that have been told about them and stick to the facts. They do not need to be opened back up because if we want prisoners to be doing work, they can just do it in an existing prison.

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    3 years ago

    Only Neo-Nazis and people who want to sanitise Hitler's politics so they can become acceptable to the electorate deny that the Holocaust happened. Any question that begins 'if the Holocaust is a hoax' is quite pointless because it manifestly was not.

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  • 3 years ago

    Hello Yaw Jian fong,

    Probably the only people who say the holocaust never occurred are Neo Nazis or Nazi sympathisers.

    I don't believe the monuments, or reminders of man's inhumanity to man should be torn down or opened up and used as prisons again.

    These edifices should be allowed to remain as a constant reminder of Hitler's evil regime and what they did to innocent men, women and children.


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    3 years ago

    Nothing because they aren't in operation anymore.

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    3 years ago

    It happened.

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