What is the point in having more than 4GB of RAM if Windows 10 pro already shows that only 3,5 GB are useable.?

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  • David
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    2 years ago
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    Windows 10 Pro is available in two versions 32 and 64bit. The 32bit can only access 4GB RAM if you have the 64bit version these restriction is removed.

    As you already have the 64bit version the message you are seeing is normal- the 0.5GB of missing space is due to the operating system needing that amount of RAM. If you add more RAM more will be available for use

  • 2 years ago

    3.5 gigs of RAM is the amount of ram which is available for you to use while you run your programs Windows is currently using half a gig of RAM for itself you can't use that half a gig of RAM cuz that's how Windows is displaying itself

  • keerok
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    2 years ago

    That 512MB is reserved for Windows. You can install more RAM. Your processor and OS are 64-bit and can access up to 512GB of RAM. Expect Windows (again) to reserve some for itself.

  • Julien
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    2 years ago

    There was an old limitation, almost ten years ago now, stemming from the fact that some operating systems (and in particular Windows) were very slow to transition from 32-bits to 64-bits, despite the fact 64-bits processors had already existed for a relatively long time. Those 32-bits systems, which are not sold/distributed any more, used to be able to address only 4GB, minus some part reserved to the kernel, and therefore not usable by the user's applications.

    In your case, since it is shown that you have both a 64-bit CPU and a 64-bit OS, it's probably *not* the explanation. You're simply limited to a bit less than 4GB because 4GB is all the memory you have. If you had more it would use more.

    The 3.5GB very probably comes from the fact that 512MB have been reserved for the kernel's use, a number that you can actually change somewhere deep into the configuration of Windows.

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  • 2 years ago

    I see an article that says:

    'If you have a 32 bit Windows 10 operating system installed, you can only use 3.5GB RAM no matter how much RAM is physically installed on your computer. You will need to install a 64 bit Windows 10 operating system to use more than 3.5GB RAM.'

    I see that your machine is 64 bit, so theoretically you would gain more usable RAM if you installed more RAM.

    I personally have been avoiding Windows 10, but here's the article that talks about the situation:


  • 2 years ago

    there isnt

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