Good chocolate for candy making on the cheap side per lb?

Looking for a decent quality chocolate thats on the cheap side but dont know where to start. was looking at callebaut but its a bit out of my price range for simple at home candy making

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  • 3 years ago
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    The candy melts by Guittard are good. They come in dark and white.

    You can also find the "Almond Bark" bars in white, dark and milk chocolate.

    the Almond bark bars are fine for making dipped pretzel rods, almond bark and dipping nuts and things like that.

    The melting chocolate, they come is a disc shape, melt easily and they taste a bit better than the almond bark chocolate.

    the draw back to the almond bark is that you have to be careful when melting it, melt 2/3 of the chocolate then add in the other 1/3 this is sort of a cheat way to "temper" the chocolate. The melting chocolate discs do not need to be tempered but use caution when melting them as they can scorch easily.

    Real cheap chocolate tastes cheap, waxy like and it has little flavor.

    If you are taking the time to make good candy, English Toffee, Truffles, fudge and things like that where chocolate will be the prominent flavor do everyone a favor and use good quality chocolate

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Get something from Costco in bulk. They have giant bags at good prices semi or dark pretty good quality.

    edit: If you ever find any Belgian wafers in bulk, on sale (occasionally they have these at places like Whole Foods) -- snatch them up.

  • Cara
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    3 years ago

    Don't use cheaper chocolate than you would ordinarily buy - cheap chocolate tastes cheap, whatever you do to it! I presume you're in the US, so I don't know brands there and can't help with suggestions. In the UK, I'd know!

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