Help: Solving applications for Boyle's Law-not sure how to solve?

A gas storage cylinder in an ordinary chemical laboratory measures

4.3cm wide and high.This is the label on it.

Contents: N2 gas

Pressure: 5.59 atm

If the cylinder is opened and the gas allowed to escape into a large empty plastic bag, what will be the final volume of nitrogen gas, including what's collected in the plastic bag and what's left over in the cylinder? Write your answer in liters. Round your answer to 2 significant digits.

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    Calculate the volume of the cylinder:

    V = pi (r)^2 h

    V = 3.14 X (2.15 cm)^2 X 17 cm = 247 cm^3 = 0.247 L

    Now, use the relationship:

    P1V1 = P2V2

    You have to assume that the pressure in the room where you are doing this is 1.0 atmospheres since you don't give a final pressure.

    5.58 atm (0.247 L) = 1 atm (V2)

    V2 = 1.4 L

    Remaining in the cylinder will be 0.247 L of N2 gas at 1 atm pressure.

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      Thank you! This was really helpful.

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