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World so Afraid of Russia winning Winter Olympics: : IOC bans Russian athletes from competing under national flag! Why so Afraid of Winning?

your jealous that Russia won the last winter olympics and don't want to show the supremacy of Russia? boo hoo,, yell drugs and then don't even have those competing to be part of team points..lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNf_vvpaXX0

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    They want to cause Russian unease, it's part of sanctions. If Russia did what IOC claims and IOC took this long to figure out they should be in trouble themselves for not checking if everything was done fairly. They should go back and make sure Canada wasn't cheating in 2010 since they apparently didn't check if Russia was until some "witness" came forward.

    US and its allies are major sponsors of the olympics and anti-doping agencies, they could pull strings. Fortunately Russia controls several leagues, especially in hockey which can block players from going, Russia could basically stop olympic hockey from being anything worth watching since NHL is also having problems with Olympics.

  • They were banned because of systemic drug cheating. Their medal wins in Sochi have been vacated because of positive tests and their federation has yet to adequately address the issue. Banning them was the only possible outcome.

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