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What you think about total Ban of Russia in Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang Kore over alleged doping?

Russians says that other countries did it too yet only them are blamed?

I wonder what I wonder what would be if Putin goes mad and started "literal" Nuclear War over it? :-)?

Or he and Kim the madmen star war just in time of Olympics

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    Do all countries have an athlete who dopes? Probably.

    But not all countries order its secret police / spy agency to tamper with drug samples.

    Since the Russian covered up its state-sponsored doping -- why else cover it up? -- Russia has proven that it cannot be trusted. Going to the Olympics is a privilege, not a right. Russia should be banned because it has forfeited its privilege.

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    3 years ago

    There's no "alleged." It was state sponsored FORCED doping in 2014. They should have been kicked out of the Olympics three years ago.

    edit: Right, there's a difference between an individual athlete doing it and the STATE doing it. They should have been banned in 2014. It's a mafia state. The government are all criminals. Why should anyone expect honesty from cheating, thieving, murdering criminals. It's really too bad about the individual athletes who don't have a choice.

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  • Rules are rules. The IOC has made clear their policy on doping. So Russia has two choices; play clean under the rules, or don't send athletes. I'm still curious as to how it is all these Olympic athletes test positive and yet FIFA (more corrupt than the IOC which is saying something) decided to have them host the 2018 World Cup.

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      Yes i know Russia bribed FIFA the same way as Qatar did :-)
      But let's face it every country did this, America just paid them not as much they wanted :D

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