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How did psycho (1960) get passed the Hollywood pre code?

They were really strict back than. And if a movie had that level of violence/nudity from that famous shower scene in any other film, it would of been cut out before release. But they still did allowed it in the film psycho. Why is that?

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    It got past the censor because you do not actually "see" anything !

    You see Janet Leigh standing in the shower (but only a head a shoulder shot .. a shot of her tummy .. her leg .. her back .. the crease at the top of her buttocks .. and viewed from above 'out of focus') .. and the knife (if you watch the scene frame by frame) doesn't even touch her once (in one shot you just seen it pass across in front of her).

    However .. the way that Hitchcock shot, edited and censored it himself made you think you'd just seen a naked women being repeatedly stabbed .. helped, mostly, by the music !!

    The really clever shot was at the end when the camera slowly zoomed in on the blood swirling down the plug hole .. which became the pupil of her eye as it slowly zoomed out again on her dead face

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    Her body was out-of-focus. And, if you really pay attention, you never see the knife actually penetrating her body.

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