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What can i do about an abusive user in Wikipedia that refuses to cooperate?

So i have been trying to change a text that is not sourced and is misleading, but one person keeps reversing my changes without discussing his or her disagreements with me. The first time he reversed my changes, he left a message saying my changes were not constructive, we had a brief exchange of arguments, and then he said he will redirect this discussion to the main page that i want to edit.

There, only one person has had an exchange of arguments with me, and then he stopped, and he hasn't replied in 3 days. I tried editing the text again,but that one individual reversed my changes again saying there is no consensus, but neither he nor anybody else raises any objections and enters into a discussion with me.

Last night, someone invited me to a facebook group that aims to take down this one individual. The group moderator told me that this one individual has been problematic for a long time, and he intentionally keeps a misleading information, and refuses to allow anyone to change or edit it.

The group has about 100 people. It seems that this one individual is abusing his power. What can i or we as a group do about it? The rules clearly state that if anyone has an objection to a change, they have to discuss the disagreements until we reach a consensus, is it violation of the rules if the said person refuses to discuss or compromise, but instead keeps reversing any new edits?

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    This is a problem area for sure. I had a similar experience a few years ago. I attempted to alter a Wikepedia entry because it was factually wrong, but the author of the entry kept changing it back to its incorrect original status.

    It's difficult to know if there is a violation of the rules if the said person refuses to discuss or compromise a dispute over what is submitted on this site. I'd like access to the rules of editing there, but have no idea where to find them.

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