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Is this really true that Colombian people get offended if somebody spells the country's name wrong (has anybody actually witnessed this)?

I can see that Colombian people are throughout the world these days: like Venezuela, USA, Dubai, Russia, Turkey, all over Western Europe, Australia and maybe New Zealand etc

However I keep hearing that they get upset if people spell the country's name wrong, I think this is somehow exaggerated because no offense, but I can not see how an average person in Colombia would care about an issue that small (they will probably laugh it off like most countries would to be honest) and I bet there are people in some countries including in Western and maybe in a few Arabic countries who don't know where Colombia is on the map, let alone spell its name.

If this really is the case, how do Colombians typically deal with this issue directly or is this somehow made up and exaggerated?

Thank you for all answers

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago
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    That s how anybody from any country would feel if you either misspell or mispronounce the names of their country.

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