Is my girlfriend being completely unreasonable?

So today I was waiting for the bus, it was running late, and a girl I know tapped me and said hi, I said hi back she asked me how I was I said annoyed cause of the bus; and that was the conversation and I waited another 20 minutes for it to arrive. Anyway my girlfriend doesn't want me to talk to this girl cause we both get a bit paranoid from time to time, regardless there was nothing I could've done to avoid it. I texted my girlfriend about it right away, and she completely flipped at me, she said I should've walked away (couldn't cause of the bus crowd), shouldn't have responded (hard not to if someone taps my bag), and even blamed me for the bus being late (which is obviously out of my control).

Then she starts spouting crap at me, and when I explain my point she just completely dismisses it; then the girl tells her that I said I was ok when she talked to me and flips again at me for lying to her, when I did tell the girl I was frustrated with the buses as she just instantly thinks I am the one lying. She then demands I apologise, and I was thinking for what? My bus being late, the girl getting my attention, and not just walking away when people were packed like sardines. She then accuses me of talking to her by texting when I don't have the girls number yet I take a while to respond, which is 1 due to having a very old phone, and 2 I was texting my friend about the world cup draws; she then completely looses it and thinks I value the world cup draws over her which...


really angers me as I was just responding to him bringing up the topic as well as talking to her as it sounded like I couldn't talk to him. So I then apologise for everything that isn't my fault which is virtually everything regarding the situation, she then says I am mimicking her when I told her that I was just telling her what she thinks is my fault when it was beyond my power. She still now is angry and upset with me despite me making it clear I have no interest in the girl and that it...

Update 2:

isn't my fault that the girl noticed me, that the bus is late, or that my friend texted me and I was being polite and texting him back. Why is she being like this or am I in the wrong?

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  • Cogito
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    3 years ago
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    Your girlfriend is unbalanced.

    She would make your life miserable for ever if you stay with her.

    She's controlling, paranoid, irrational, jealous, insecure and a total pain.

    It's time to move on.

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