Blue error screen on laptop 10?

I recently started getting a blue screen error I be on the computer but suddenly the blue screen pops up saying that "We gathering errors and all that. be here a day ago, the error was getting worse it wouldn't even let me in windows. It tells me to restart or advance.

I went here and clicked on (System Image Recovery) and then selected on (Install Driver) or search image on the network, but after i but the network password in it comes up with this (0x80070043)


THat's the problem, i can't get in windows to do that because of the error page keeps reboot or restarting.

Update 2:

Here on my desktop, i created (Create System Image) on a portable hard drive to restore windows no my laptop from the blue error screen.

I got as far as (System Image Recovery) and (Install a driver) so i got to (Re-image your computer step.

After using my desktop to (Create an Image System) on a usb portable hard drive and then connect the drive to the port on the laptop, what do i look for when it says (Re-image your computer)

Update 3:

I'm on my desktop now, my laptop crashed, luckily i save my importing files on flash drives. So that's safe.

As the laptop keeps restarting, or asking to restart or advance, I only can access the folders and drives on the computer, when i go to (Troubleshoot/ Advance options/ System image recovery/ Re-image your computer and them i can see the folder showing my drives all folders

I created a (Create A system image on a portable drive-, so on my laptop when located the drive what to look for.

Update 4:

i can only get to here what do i look for here

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  • 2 years ago
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    Click Start, right-click Computer, then click Properties. In the Advanced tab, under Startup and Recovery, click Settings. In the System failure section, remove the check mark next to Automatically restart, then click OK. The computer no longer restarts automatically when a blue screen error occurs.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    You need to check the box that says troubleshoot when you get that box opened up you will see where it says reset this PC click reset this PC do not save files after you do this your computer will restore itself back to a brand new copy of Windows and you will lose all data

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