Why wasn't there ever investment in natural gas infrastructure to the scale of highways and the electrical grid?

If such an investment were made, we would all be driving natural gas powered cars by now. Additionally, fertilizers would be cheaper, and the cost of heating a home would be lower.

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  • 2 years ago
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    We did. Natural gas is available everywhere. North America is lousy with NG,

    And if you had a natural gas powered car you can refuel it at home. Any gas car can be converted to natural gas but few people are willing o spend the $5,000 or so it takes. Where I live all the cabs are either a Prius or they are powered by natural gas, Our city bus fleet is in the process of conversion as well and they should all be dome in a couple more years.

    Also, the ferry boats connecting Vancouver Island to the mainland are being converted to NG now and they will all be on NG by 2020.

  • james
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    2 years ago

    WW2 was the big problem. Pipe lines were laid to get gas to the east coast fast. & some other big cities. In the field in prodution then. So the pipe lines were not were needed later for this. As they said then with rationing. One more oil tanker from Texas goes down from German U boats it will be a cold winter on the east coast. By the next winter the pipe line was open. War effort was part of it.

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