Was Columbus aware of the Amazon River?

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    NO. His claim to fame was in mistaking the "Caribbean Islands" as India. [Hence the misnomer of continental natives being called "Indians"]

    In 1540 Gonzalo Pizarro arrived in Quito as governor and was charged by Francisco Pizarro with an expedition to locate the "Land of Cinnamon", thought to be somewhere to the east.

    Francisco de Orellana (1511, Trujillo, Crown of Castile – November 1546, Amazon River) was a Spanish explorer and conquistador. He completed the first known navigation of the entire length of the Amazon River, which initially was named "Rio de Orellana." He also founded the city of Guayaquil in what is now Ecuador.

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    There would have been no maps available until after the river was discovered by a Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana in 1541.

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    He made three voyages here and never actually set food on the mainland! He landed on islands in the Caribbean each time, and nobody's even sure which islands they were.

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