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Do rats have mental illnesses?

I promise this is not spam/trolling this is an honest question.

I have a rat who is about a year and a half old we have had her since she was a few months old. For a while I thought she was just timid because she wasn t comfortable with me holding her and she was still new to my family so it made sense. We have had her for so long now and she still acts like she doesn t know who I am/trust me. Her sister we have had for the same amount of time we got them from the same person and she is completely normal. I ve had rats before and I ve never had a rat completely forget who I am as soon as I turn my back to the cage. She sometimes won t even take treats from my hand because she forgets who I am. Is it possible that she is retarded? If so it would make so much sense but if not is there anything I can do to make her normal? I haven t neglected either of them they are in perfect care I have no idea why she is like this when her sister is totally fine.

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    I have never really heard of that,but really can't rule it out. I hve seen brain tumors cause such unusual behavior, or rats having individual personalities, One can seem perfectly normal,another,never learn trust or live in some stress or fear.

    Situations like this, I make the first call to a vet to rule out some physical problem. Might mean an X-ray or MRI and not the cheapest diagnostic. If you can rule out medical problems,Health, and habitat issues, you may just have to accept your ratty the way it is.

    Hope this helps.

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