Does you job in the navy affect your salary?

I’m planning to get a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, and then joining the Navy’s CEC program. I’ve read about Naval Pay, but I can’t figure out if the job you have affects your salary. So what I’m wondering is if I have an Engineering job in the navy, will I be payed more, or is my salary just based off of Basic Pay.

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  • 3 years ago
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    Trying to figure out the "Total Monthly Income" in the military can be confusing. The general pays are:

    - Base Pay is based on paygrade and Time-in-Service

    - BAH (Housing Allowance) is based on the zipcode and dependent status

    - BAS (Food Allowance) is based on whether you eat the food that the Navy provided (free of charge) to you or not

    - Incentive Pay is based on your specific duty, qualifications, situations, locations, work space etc. This is the most confusing one, because there are many different duties, qualifications, situations, locations, work spaces etc.

    - Annual Clothing Allowance (for enlisted personnel only) is based on the gender and duty

    - Bonus is based on the profession, paygrade, qualification, the length of the contract, and timing (some years, the Navy pays higher/lower amount)

    Like Squid mentioned, as a CEC Officer, you may get the additional Dive Pay, if you are a Dive Qualified and are a part of the Underwater Construction Battalion Team (and for enlisted personnel, they may also get Demolition Pay as well, if they work with explosive materials).

    Generally, Navy doctors (especially, the neurosurgeon/brain surgeon) would make the most money, because they get a few different Special Incentive Pays and very high Career Continuation Bonus. Without the additional pays, then there would be no experienced-doctors left in the Navy (they would all left after their initial contract is up).

  • Bill-M
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    3 years ago

    Sometimes. BASE pay is based on RANK and Time in Service. But some jobs get EXTRA Pay added on to their Base Pay.

    Hazardous Duty Pay (like working on the Flight Deck) and Submarine Pay.

    That is for Enlisted.

    Are you Enlisting or after an Officers Commission??

  • 3 years ago

    Some specialties get an extra allowance.

  • 3 years ago

    A nuclear engineer in the navy with a phd makes the same amount of money as the guy who scrapes barnacles off the boiler in the lunch room if they are the same rank and TIS.

    Welcome to the military.

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  • RICK
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    3 years ago

    Your salary is mainly basic pay and allowances based on pay grade and length of service.

    So jobs have pro(ficency) pay but CEC isn't one of them

  • Squid
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    3 years ago

    As a CEC officer, there are only a few pay bonuses you might be eligible for. Dive pay is possible and you can volunteer for it, but they only need a few so your chances are low. Family separation allowance, combat zone, and hazardous duty pay are all possible but you have little control over when you qualify for them. You just wait and see.

  • 3 years ago

    salary is based on your rank

    the only jobs that offer significant pay bonus's are for pilots

  • Bob
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    3 years ago

    no.. what affects your salary is TIME IN SERVICE and PAY GRADE

  • NWIP
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    3 years ago

    First thing to know is how to spell words properly. It is PAID not payed.

    Basic Pay is based on Rank/Rate and years in service. There are other pays and allowances you can be eligible for depending on where you are stationed, your job - Sea Pay, Submarine Pay, BAS, OCONUS COLA, Dive Pay, etc....

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