I am trying to speed up Pale Moon while messing with plugins. What should I set my cache limit to?

I am just testing some stuff out for customization purposes. I have a complete backup of my browser/settings/passwords/bookmarks/history/plugins/preferences which is easily restorable. I'm basically trying to speed things up to make up for the drag caused by the plugins. I can devote the majority of my system resources to the browser with the exception of qBit and Trillian running in the background. Not a super awesomely powerful computer. Might be old but it is solid. HP 6300, Windows 7 Pro x64, only a 3.3 Ghz dual core but I do have max RAM (32 GB), I think my HD is 350GB but I have externals for storage. Ideas? Any other input about extensions or settings is much appreciated. I just started using Pale Moon and am used to Maxthon so I am not used to having access to this many extensions. I feel like a kid in a candy store atm. Yeah, I know, be careful...but I am not totally opposed to a reinstall if needed...like I said, I have a solid backup. Note to trolls: go back under your bridge I got not time for you right now. Thanks guys!

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  • 2 years ago
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    Try 1 GB. (I run 350 MB myself.) It shouldn't have any ill effects. Much more than that and you spend more time searching through cache than you save by having the cache in the first place.

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