NBA: Who would win this NBA playoffs tournament (90's & 2000's)?

Eastern Conference:

1. 1996 Bulls (R. Harper, M. Jordan, S. Pippen, D. Rodman and L. Longley)


8. 2001 76ers (E. Snow, A. Iverson, G. Lynch, T. Hill and D. Mutombo)

4. 2004 Pistons (C. Billups, R. Hamilton, T. Prince, R. Wallace and B. Wallace)


5. 1994 Knicks (D. Harper, J. Starks, C. Smith, C. Oakley and P. Ewing)

3. 2006 Heat (J. Williams, D. Wade, A. Walker, U. Haslem and A. Mourning)


6. 2007 Cavaliers (L. Hughes, S. Pavlovic, L. James, D. Gooden and Z. Ilgauskas)

2. 2008 Celtics (R. Rondo, R. Allen, P. Pierce, K. Garnett and K. Perkins)


7. 2009 Magic (J. Nelson, C. Lee, H. Turkoglu, R. Lewis and D. Howard)

Western Conference:

1. 2001 Lakers (D. Fisher, K. Bryant, R. Fox, H. Grant and S. O'Neal)


8. 1992 Blazers (T. Porter, C. Drexler, J. Kersey, B. Williams and K. Duckworth)

4. 1997 Jazz (J. Stockton, J. Hornacek, B. Russell, K. Malone and G. Ostertag)


5. 1993 Suns (K. Johnson, D. Majerle, R. Dumas, C. Barkley and M. West)

3. 2003 Spurs (T. Parker, S. Jackson, B. Bowen, T. Duncan and D. Robinson)


6. 1996 Sonics (G. Payton, H. Hawkins, D. Schrempf, S. Kemp and E. Johnson)

2. 1994 Rockets (K. Smith, V. Maxwell, R. Horry, O. Thorpe and H. Olajuwon)


7. 2006 Mavericks (J. Terry, A. Griffin, J. Howard, D. Nowizki and D. Diop)

This is going to be NBA Playoffs best of seven series of the 90 and 2000's Who would advance to the First Round, Semifinals, Conference Finals, and NBA Finals? What is you opinion?


Who would become the NBA Championship? This is the fantasy NBA Playoffs Tournament. I combine the 90's and 2000's NBA Teams for the playoffs.

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  • 3 years ago
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    bulls beats 76ers 4-1.

    pistons beats knicks 4-1.

    heat beats cavs 4-2.

    celtics beats maqic 4-1.

    bulls beats pistons 4-3.

    celtics beats heat 4-2.

    bulls would beat celtics with their oriqinal line up, but celtics would beat bulls with this line up - kevin, powe, pierce, ray, cassell. so, celtics beats bulls 4-2. from now on, i assume celtics use this line up cause this line up is better.


    lakers beats blazers 4-1.

    jazz beats suns 4-3.

    spurs beats sonics 4-2.

    rockets beats mavs 4-3.

    lakers beats jazz 4-0.

    rockets beats spurs 4-3.

    lakers beats rockets 4-2.


    lakers beats celtics 4-3.

  • ?
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    3 years ago

    The 1996 Bulls would win, beating the 2001 Lakers in the finals.

  • Bob
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    3 years ago

    1996 BULLS hands down

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