What are you top ten Rap songs on your muic player in shuffle mode?


Mine is

1Nothing Less By Big Pooh

2I know By Jazz Cartier

3Changes by 2pac

4 I Wish By Skee Lo

5Just A Lil Bit By 50 Cent

6Hot Dog By Limp Bizkit

7Move B by Ludacris

8Hip Hop by Big Smo

9Only-Nicki Minaj

10All Night By Chance The Rapper

1 Answer

  • 3 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    Once Upon A Time - Raekwon

    A Certain Comfort - Tech N9ne

    WTFUTB - Jarren Benton

    Anti-Nïgger Machine - Public Enemy

    My Turn - Big Pun

    Shoot Em Up - Nas

    I Wanna Kill Sam - Ice Cube

    My Favorite Dred - Raekwon

    We Celebrate - Ghostface Killah

    Get Back - Dizzy Wright

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