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How far should I row as a beginner?

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    As a beginner the distance or time elapsed for your rowing is only determined by your ability to keep your “form”. By this I mean good technique.

    When you’re learning something new, it is more important to keep your body posture correct than try to hit big numbers on the readout. If you learn poor technique you will end up with two bigger problems

    1 - Un-learning the bad technique when you want to learn how to go faster in future

    2 - a sore back / shoulders / legs / knees because you put un-necessary strain on them with bad technique.

    The solution is

    Find a tutor who is a rowing coach (not a gym coach) to teach you technique and you can hire rowing coaches online

    And do short workouts and STOP ROWING when you can not hold the technique any more. Take a brief rest (2 minutes) and then go again until you cannot hold the technique and then rest again.

    Good luck and enjoy your rowing.

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