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Please enlighten me on this Roy Moore? What proof one way or the other is there of his guilt, innocence?

How reliable and reasonable are the victims?

I keep hearing about him and thought most pedophiles don't get caught?

Remember how many Bill Clinton is known to have abused before luckily getting caught(not for him, though)

I read that without the proof of semen that Monica would just be another victim.

So how was Roy caught, If he was?

I have no position but keep seeing this, so now asking?

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    2 years ago
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    The victims are very reliable. Now 8 or more, and they have nothing to gain.

    Roy Moore was a disgusting person before this came out. Too many women have come forward with too many detailed, credible and appalling allegations against Moore to be waved away.

    On Sean Hannity’s radio show, Moore admitted that, “after my return from the military, I dated a lot of young ladies.” When specifically asked if he had dated teenagers while in his 30s, Moore stated, “It would have been out of my customary behavior," but then assured listeners that he hadn’t dated “any girl without the permission of her mother."

    If you are dating girls so young that their mother’s permission is needed, it’s a pretty good bet that they are teenagers. In fact, a former colleague of Moore’s from the district attorney’s office recently disclosed that it was common knowledge that Moore dated teenagers, which people thought was “weird.”

    In trying to explain why a grown man would want to date teenagers, Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler managed to make the women’s allegations that much more credible. He actually argued that Moore should be judged by Hollywood behavior. "Humphrey Bogart started dating Lauren Bacall when she was a teenager," Ziegler explained, referring to the then-19-year-old actress.

    let’s not forget Roy Moore’s repeated and firm insistence that millions of Americans belong in prison simply for being gay. He made this plain when he told CSPAN’s Bill Press that “homosexual conduct” is equivalent to bestiality, and should be criminalized.

    Moore was twice kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court for violating federal court rulings. He has no respect for the law.

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      Often pal too legalistic are hiding things

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