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Ginger asked in PetsCats · 3 years ago

Kitten regurgitating food to re-chew it?

We got a 3 month old maincoon kitten a week ago and all is well, but I have noticed he will sometimes lie on the couch and then "burb" and I´ll hear him chewing on what is clearly kibble. I even managed to swap a kibble he had "burped back up" for a treat when I wanted to check if he was really chewing, or just gnashing his teeth.

Has anyone experienced something like this before?

We are feeding him Royal Canin Kitten kibble, since that is what the breeder recommended, and what he is used to


To be more specific, he is not throwing up food on the floor, half digested kibble just... appear in his mouth, he re-chews it and swallows

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  • Laura
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    3 years ago
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    This is pretty common with dry food of any quality.

    Dry food expands when it gets wet. The kitten will eat until their tummy is full, then as the stomach begins to digest it it expands and then it comes back up because there isn't room for all of the wet kibble anymore.

    So feed less at each meal, and consider switching to a wet food.

    Royal Canin is a less than wonderful brand. Any brand that has breed specific foods, and spayed/unspayed kitten foods, is just a company looking for money and not a company looking out for your kitten's best interests. Besides, the first ingredients are garbage, there is no real meat and mostly fillers. Consider switching to a higher quality grain free wet food. The higher quality foods will give better nutrition, and the wet food will eliminate the dry kibble coming back up problem. Plus it keeps the kitten hydrated. Cats don't drink much water, and get most of their water from the food they eat, so its best to give at least one meal of wet food a day.

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  • 3 years ago

    A "maincoon" kitten? Is that what it said in the craiglist ad for this NO BREED kitten you stupidly bought?

    It's MAINE COON, moron, and if you really had one you'd know how to spell the breed!

    Since the backyard breeder surely lied about what he is they probably also lied about how old he is. He's likely under 8 weeks old and not used to eating food he probably should be on formula.

    • Ginger3 years agoReport

      It was a simple spelling error but you are right, it is my aging mothers, I help care for it. I could not care less if he is a Maine Coon or not, he is a sweet kitten. My mother has been visiting the breeder since he was born, he is almost 4 months old. Such rudeness, you must be really bored.

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  • 3 years ago

    It's the food. I just looked it up - dry one for kittens. Rice - 1st ingredient. Chicken by-product meal - 2nd. The third is Corn Gluten Meal. That is just NO GOOD. Although some pets might do well enough on it, not all pets will. I got a cat who was fed cheap food. He did not do well on it at all. He was bony - that skinny. Obviously, he did not like the food. Further, cats need WET - canned food, not just the dry or, wet instead of. The dry is only for our convenience. It does not contain enough moisture that the kitten/cat needs and they cannot drink enough water to satisfy their bodily requirements. So, make sure you feed him canned every day. If you want the dry too, my two do great on Katz Solid Gold. Katz-N-Flocken.... Google it. See the ingredients for yourself. No corn - cats should not have corn and they need meat. By products - you can do better for your cat.

    Source(s): Owner of cats for 30 - 40 decades.
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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Keep critters off of the furniture unless they wear underwear, phew.

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