NBA: Who would win this NBA playoffs tournament (2000's & 2010's)?

Eastern Conference:

1. 2013 Heat (M. Chalmers, D. Wade, L. James, U. Haslem and C. Bosh)


8. 2002 Nets (J. Kidd, K. Kittles, K. Van Horn, K. Martin and T. MacCulloch)

4. 2001 76ers (E. Snow, A. Iverson, G. Lynch, T. Hill and D. Mutombo)


5. 2011 Bulls (D. Rose, K. Bogans, L. Deng, C. Boozer and J. Noah)

3. 2004 Pistons (C. Billups, R. Hamilton, T. Prince, R. Wallace and B. Wallace)


6. 2009 Magic (J. Nelson, C. Lee, H. Turkoglu, R. Lewis and D. Howard)

2. 2008 Celtics (R. Rondo, R. Allen, P. Pierce, K. Garnett and K. Perkins)


7. 2013 Pacers (G. Hill, P. George, D. Granger, D. West and R. Hibbert)

Western Conference:

1. 2001 Lakers (D. Fisher, K. Bryant, R. Fox, H. Grant and S. O'Neal)


8. 2002 Kings (M. Bibby, D. Christie, P. Stojakovic, C. Webber and V. Divac)

4. 2015 Warriors (S. Curry, K. Thompson, H. Barnes, D. Green and A. Bogut)


5. 2011 Mavericks (J. Terry, D. Stevenson, C. Butler, D. Nowitzki and T. Chandler)

3. 2012 Thunder (R. Westbrook, T. Sefolosha, K. Durant, S. Ibaka and N. Collison)


6. 2005 Suns (S. Nash, J. Johnson, Q. Richardson, S. Marion and A. Stoudemire)

2. 2003 Spurs (T. Parker, S. Jackson, B. Bowen, T. Duncan and D. Robinson)


7. 2015 Rockets (P. Beverley, J. Harden, T. Ariza, T, Jones and C. Capela)

This is going to be NBA Playoffs best of seven series of the 2010 and 2010's Who would advance to the First Round, Semifinals, Conference Finals, and NBA Finals? What is you opinion?


Who would become the NBA Championship? This is the fantasy NBA Playoffs Tournament. I combine the 2000's and 2010's NBA Teams for the playoffs.

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    1 Heat over 8 Nets 4-0

    4 Sixers over 5 Bulls 4-3

    3 Pistons over 6 Magic 4-3

    2 Celtics over 7 Pacers 4-3

    1 Lakers over 8 Kings 4-3 (This is the hardest series to predict)

    4 Warriors over 5 Mavericks 4-1

    3 Thunder over 6 Suns 4-2

    2 Spurs over 7 Rockets 4-1

    1 Heat over 4 Sixers 4-1

    2 Celtics over 3 Pistons 4-3

    4 Warriors over 1 Lakers 4-1 (Warriors crush either Kings or Lakers)

    3 Thunder over 2 Spurs 4-1

    1 Heat over 2 Celtics 4-1 (Boston home court)

    4 Warriors over 3 Thunder 4-3 (Thunder are the only West team who has a chance against Golden State)

    1 Heat over 4 Warriors 4-2

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    heat beats nets 4-1.

    76ers beats bulls 4-3.

    pistons beats maqic 4-1.

    celtics beats pacers 4-1.

    heat beats 76ers 4-2.

    pistons would beat celtics with your line up, but celtics would beat pistons with this line up; kevin, powe, pierce, ray, cassell. celtics beats pistons 4-2 with this line up. from now on, i assume celtics to use my line up since my line up is better than yours.

    celtics beats heat 4-2 to become the eastern champion.


    lakers beats kinqs 4-2.

    warriors beats mavericks 4-3.

    suns beats thunder 4-2.

    spurs beats rocket 4-1.

    lakers beats warriors 4-3.

    spurs beats suns 4-2.

    lakers beats spurs 4-2 to become the western champion.


    lakers beats celtics 4-3 to become the champion.

    top 10 teams all time.

    2001 lakers

    2008 celtics

    2017 warriors

    2010 lakers

    2000 lakers

    1985 lakers

    2002 lakers

    2009 lakers

    2011 mavericks

    1996 bulls

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      2001 Lakers weren't the best Laker 3-peat team

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    NBA Playoffs Tournament (2000's & 2010's)


    The 2001 Lakers as the 1st seed would sweep the 2002 Kings!

    2001 Lakers would face the 2012 OKC Thunder and beat them in 5 games at the most!

    WCF: 2001 Lakers would face the 2015 Warriors and annihilate them in a sweep!

    Finals: The 2001 Lakers would face the 2013 Heat and defeat the Heat in 5 games as well.

    In conclusion the 2001 Lakers would win the NBA Playoffs Tournament (2000's & 2010's)!

  • Bob
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    The 2001 Lakers would win it all.

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      @Bob i agree as well the 2001 Lakers would win it all!

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