Could Israel pull a Six Day War against Iran?

If Israel and Iran do go to war, could Israel do a Six Day War victory against Iran like they did Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq in the Israeli Six Day War?.

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  • 2 years ago
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    No, Iran is country which produces second or third largest number of engineers in the world after Russia and possibly US. Iran has increased weapons development. Israel is ranked 15 in world military strength and iran is something like 20th. Iran has 10 times as many people as Israel. Unlike those Arab countries, Iran's muslim population is willing to fight for Iran since it is the only Shia country basically, so there won't be a massive retreat as there was with the Arabs. Israel has like 1000 more tanks, more land vehicles, Iran has more artillery and Iran has 1400 more rocket launching vehicles (Surface to Air missiles) including newer Russian equipment. Israel has 200 more aircraft, 100 more jet fighters, 100 more attack aircraft, Iran has 100 more transports roughly, aircraft are around the same but Israel overall has more sophisticated ones, however they are F-16s and F-15s which have already been shot down by older Russian built SAMs, so the Iranian ground to air weapons may make up for this weakness. Then you have the Iranian navy which is much bigger than Israeli one. Israel is estimated to have 80-400 nuclear wareheads however there are some big boys who are friends with Iran (Russia, China and India) who would make sure Israel loses much of its power.

    It wouldn't be good for either side and would probably last a while but I think in general Israel would have an advantage but they'd have a hard time doing anything that will justify the war to their people, entering Iran would lead to their army being terrorized. Israel though would not need to resort to terror because it has by far a more advanced military which is capable of a bit more.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    It would likely take longer but yes they could

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  • 2 years ago


    In 6 days Israel would blow iran's nuclear weapons' production ALL to hell,

    if the attacks are done like they were vs saddams nukes in 1981,

    and assads in 2007,

    w/ backup by the US's electronic warfare forces.

    this time it wouldnt be just israel, but most of the sunni arabs,

    esp the saudis who are on the same pg as israel re: iran

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