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I want/need money?

I'm 14 and in want to make $1,200 by the time I'm 15 (3 months) to get a moped (among other things) to get a job during the summer. Any suggestions?

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  • 3 years ago
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    You need to look at "typical teen" types of work to earn money. You are too young to get a job & work permit under state child labor laws (except Texas allows some very limited types of work at age 14). Babysitting, dog walking, gardening, lawnmowing & yard care, car washing & detailing, housecleaning, helping people clear out basements & attics & hold a yard sale - these are some of the more common things teens do to earn money.

    The more ambitious & able do things such as: good guitar player teaches younger beginners, math whizzes tutor younger students, pool cleaning (you need to know what you are doing!), golf caddying (if you play golf & know the game, helps if your parents are members of a country club).

    One teen who loved to sew invented a tote bag she made from recycled materials. Her friends loved them, and paid her to make one for them. It grew into a little online business & earned her enough to pay for college.

    What skills, talents, abilities, etc, do you have? What can you do well for other people which is worth paying for? What services are needed in your neighborhood, community which you can provide with a high degree of proficiency & reliability?

    Unless you have something exceptional which pays really well (e.g. math tutors in high school can earn $40/hour or more! Certified math teachers, even grad students in math, can earn $100-150/hr), you cannot expect to earn $1200 in just 3 months. Working full-time over summer vacation might earn you that much, tho.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    The idea Jason mentioned could be very lucrative, you may want to try that approach but don't limit yourself to just Facebook alright branch off and have a Twitter account so you can better engage potential new leads and also keep repeating customers happy, as you'll find out (should you choose this option) customer satisfaction is of utmost importance in order to build an enterprise that lasts.

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  • 3 years ago

    you could try doing some babysitting

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