Is there something wrong with my car or should I be worried? Can someone help me with this mystery?

After my oil change and tire rotation I notice a low humming from the front of my car I thought it was a bearing going bad it sounded like that.

I figured it was my tires because I haven't rotated them and 10,000 miles and I usually rotate them every 5000 miles.

I put on about 2500 miles since the rotation so I'm thinking maybe the noise is going away because they are starting to even out.

However I noticed my coolant was very low like even below the L but when I pulled the hose out there was coolant dripping out of it so it was definitely cycling through the engine and my temperature has never been hot.

Not sure how long it's been like this for but the hum has only been going on for about 4,000 miles starting off low and getting higher.

I added coolant and filled it up to the full level and I even topped off the hybrid coolant which was only slightly low.

I've noticed that my engine does not kick on as much anymore and the noise has pretty much vanished although I still hear it ever so slightly this is why I cannot figure out if adding coolant did it and if so why or maybe it's just the tire starting to even out? Can someone help me with this mystery

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  • 2 years ago
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    Being low on coolant should not cause any noise. The only thing it will do is overheat your engine and a head gasket will blow or some other part of the cooling system could blow and steam would come out (when I say the "only thing that will happen" its a pretty bad thing, usually the engine is shot at this point). It could be from your tires. Though if your tires aren't wearing evenly that would indicate some sort of suspension part is either out of alignment or has more slack than what is considered normal. If its a wheel bearing the tell tale sign is usually that it roars more or stops roaring when turning one direction. If both front wheel bearings are bad then it will roar in either direction but if it is just one wheel bearing the noise should either go away or get worse while turning. If you take the vehicle to an alignment shop they can try to align it for you and if it cant be aligned then they should be able to tell you what part has failed. As for your low coolant I think its just a coincidence and not at all related to the humming. That being said its important that you don't run out of coolant so keep an eye on it.

  • don r
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    2 years ago

    Take a look at your water pump if you can see it. I bet it's starting to leak and its seal and bearing are wearing out. Feel around the neck of the water pump for any moisture or crystalized coolant that accumulated from the weep hole . Replace it- you don't fix worn out water pumps.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    That's not an either-or situation. If something's wrong, then you should be worried, not not worried.

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