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What areas of your body does a rowing machine work on?

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    The back has one of the largest muscle groups in the body, and it is also one of the most worked muscle groups during rowing. Every time you pull the handle, your back muscles are being engaged.


    The biceps are the major muscles on the front part of the upper arms. They are known as flexors because they flex the elbow during movements. In similar fashion to the back muscles, the biceps are also getting worked when the row machine's handle is coming toward your body. Biceps get engaged when your elbows bend and your fists come towards your body.


    Your shoulder muscles are being activated when your arms are elevated in front of your body. While you are rowing, your arms are always in this elevated position, so your shoulders are always being worked.


    The quadriceps are the major muscles found on the front of the thighs. They are known as extensor muscles, meaning they extend the knees. When you are pushing off of the platform and your legs are straightening, your quads are being activated.


    The gluteus maximus muscles are the muscles that you sit on. When you extend the hip, these muscles are being called into play. This motion occurs when your knees go from a bent position in front of your body to a straight position, in similar fashion to the quads.


    The core consists of the upper abs, lower abs, obliques and lower back muscles. When you push off the row machine's platform, your core muscles are being worked to give your drive strength and to keep your body in good alignment.

    Lungs and Heart

    Due to the aerobic effect that rowing causes, your heart muscle and small muscles of the lungs are all being worked as well.

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    You're not creating motion when lifting weights, you are negating gravity.

    In this position with the bar coming this way, the cable twists and turns to pull the weights up that way; where are the forces that are moving to engage the weight? Where did someone put those pulleys/muscles?

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