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Are rowing machines considered cardio or resistance?

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    Any activity that challenges your muscles at loads greater than they are accustomed to via concentric and eccentric contraction is considered resistance exercise. The duration of the movement and energy system being used then classifies the exercise as cardiovascular or otherwise.

    For example if you were to row as quickly as possible for 10 seconds or less you would primarily use the phosphagen/creatine system which provides ATP immediately to the muscle, so the energy needs are fast and powerful.

    If you were to then continue rowing for 20s to 90s you would involve the glycolytic system (glucose/lactic acid) and anaerobic contributions of to ATP delivery would increase.

    It's not until about 2+ min that you require a much greater oxygen utilization which would kick-in the aerobic system hence a full cardiovascular workout.

    So it really does depend on how long you decide to row. Since most people row for extends periods, it's usually classified as a cardiovascular exercise although the argument to oppose it would have to fall under the above guidelines.

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    Doesn't it depend on resistance?

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