What is a good outfit for a teen boy at the beach in November?

I m working with a model this weekend on a beach in NC, and I had offered him an outfit he could keep as a form of payment. He might wear shorts or do shirtless -- all that is really up to him. I want to ensure that he would like the outfit I d pick out for him. I m planning to purchase the clothes from Dillard s, if that helps with your suggestions. I think he s 14 or 15; I ll know for sure when I meet his mother and him Saturday. I do know he s a bit taller than me!

Other than that, I prepared the best I could for the shoot; tripod and standard umbrella (in case it rains a bit,) UV filter, and a silver reflector. I have a white diffuser too (5-in-1 pack) but not sure if I d use it. It s been quite a while since I really focused on photography.

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  • 3 years ago
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    shorts and some type of necklace. shirtless is good but if not , he can wear a tank top(muscle shirt)

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