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Why are there so many Breastaurants in the South and Red States?

My niece dropped out of college 3 years ago. She was born & raised in Alabama. When she dropped out, she begged her "rich wealthy yankee relatives" for financial assistance in getting a boob job. I know my sister-in-law kicked in about $200. Her argument was "she's dumb but pretty, this is the best for her".

She is the kid's God mother. Both are very racist. She enjoys leaving NJ for a week every winter to visit them in Alabama. When she retires, she's going to "her kind of people".

We have to go to Atlanta for corporate meetings Thursday and Friday this week. Friday we have to drive to Birmingham to see our newest branch. It is my intention to find my niece in Birmingham on Friday night and bring some of the creepiest co-workers I have from NJ/NY to where she works. I really want to embarrass and humiliate this racist, Trumptard slut as much as possible.

Once she didn't get funding from her yankee relatives, she has never come up to see any of us. She now says she "hates us".

Her mother and father come up twice a year. They beg their elderly parents for airfare. Her brother was born up here, unlike her, couldn't wait to graduate college and get back up here. He is nothing like his sister or parents, he's educated.

My problem is there are so many of these places down there! I know where she worked 3 years ago. There are so many. I'd have to drive two hours to get to one from here. We just don't go for that sort of thing. I don't want to tip her off. What should I do?

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    I'm going to need a photo of said niece before I can give a well-researched answer.

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    I'll bet $100 this is anonymous.

    Let find out.......

    Update- BINGO !

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  • Susie
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    2 years ago

    I thought all you liberals were loving and tolerant? At least that's what they started out saying decades ago. Guess they were just using that to indoctrinate people then, as their true selves are certainly showing now.

    And I thought you had to be 12 years old to post on here.

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