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Chicken's comb was pulled off by other chickens?

In May we got 4 chickens. 2 wyandottes and 2 buff Orpingtons. One of the wyandottes has never grown her tail feathers in because the other chickens peck them off. Last night the other chickens pulled off her comb and ate it. Is that normal? Should we remove this chicken from the coop?

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    It is normal for some hen pecking to go on in the regular pecking order but this is extreme. You will need to do something to protect this chicken. You need to mask the blood so the other chickens don't kill her. You might put her in a wire cage with her own food and water within your regular pen so the others cannot peck her until it is healed. There are other things called chicken saddles that protect the backs of low ranking chickens. They strap on the wings and help protect your chicken from cold if they lost all their feathers or from being super beat up. There are other techniques like trimming your other chickens upper beaks, and fitting them with little glasses that are tinted red (so they can't key in on red and attack again) that clip on their beaks. Check out My Pet Chicken for some of the more unusual products or Murray McMurray Hatchery in Minnesota.

    Chickens are omnivores and pretty relentless when they see blood. You would shudder to see what they do to a mouse or rat.

    PS. The reason you want her in a cage within your coop is to make reintroduction easier. A new chicken will be beaten up badly too if only one is reintroduced. You introduce them in "the broody cage" typically for a week or two.

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