If it is Summertime in one hemisphere when it is Wintertime in the other, what season is it right on the Equator?


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    They do not have seasons because of their latitude they do not experience seasonal differences like we at temperate latitudes do. In many places on the equator they may experience a wet and dry season when there are times when it rains more and times when it rains less.

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    Along the equator, people speak of wet and dry seasons rather than cold and hot seasons.

    In Ecuador, June to September is the dryer part of the year, and is known as winter. In Borneo, March to October is known as the "dry" season. In Kenya, the wettest months are November, April, and May, and many of the game-viewing camps close down for those few months. In Gabon, the dry seasons are May-September and Dec-January.

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    The four-season year is typical only in the mid-latitudes. The mid-latitudes are places that are neither near the poles nor near the Equator.

    Places near the Equator experience little seasonal variation. They have about the same amount of daylight and darkness throughout the year. These places remain warm year-round. Near the Equator, regions typically have alternating rainy and dry seasons.

    Polar regions experience seasonal variation, although they are generally colder than other places on Earth. Near the poles, the amount of daylight changes dramatically between summer and winter. In Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost city in the U.S., it stays light all day long between mid-May and early August. The city is in total darkness between mid-November and January.


    The latitude has little to do with when the rainy and dry seasons are in the tropics.

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    Do you like Sumter or Wimmer?

    It is no season. Temperature stays roughly the same throughout the year in most places with variations in rainfall that depend on location. Hence we define dry and wet season.

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    Wet or dry or cool., depending on elevation..

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