Newton's work and satellite motion?

A satellite has a period of 90 minutes around the Earth. Using Newton’s Law of Gravitation and explain how the altitude of the satellite can be found and calculate the value given that the Earth’s radius is 6380km.

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  • Vaman
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    3 years ago

    Use the formula

    r omega²= G M/r²

    Period = 2pi/omega, This gives omega= 2 pi/(90*60) Now to find GM. We know

    GM/Earth radius²= g, GM= earth radius²*g=ro²*g

    r omega² = ro² g/r². Put r in terms of ro. This is r/ro =l

    l³ ro= g /omega²,


    l³=1.13, l=1.04 . That means the distance of the satellite is

    R=6645.3 km. please check the answer.

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