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Severely dry skin remedies?

So title says it all really. I need as little products as I can get to fix my flaky dry skin. As cheap as possible too but nice quality. The problem areas mainly being all around my nose and chin. I’ve tried everything. Moisturizing creams, face washes, coconut scrub, and after washing one night it’ll go straight back to super dry the next day. I can’t apply makeup properly without it looking caked or flaky. I’ll have moments where I apply foundation and concealer near my nose, and it’ll just smudge off and my whole face will be covered but my nose which is naturally red or flushed. I just want my skin to be clear. I don’t even like having photos taken of me cause you can literally see the dry skin sticking out and it’s just not pleasing at all. PLEASE HELP. (Non related answers will be reported and deleted.)

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    A deficiency of B2, Riboflavin. Very common on a modern Western diet. Don’t be a vegetarian! Don’t drink any kind of soda, cola, fizzy pop drinks. Take 1 x B2 + 1x multi-B tablet for a week, (!00 to 200mg) Recommended dose i

    s 1.5 to 2 mg, this is much too low for young people. 100mg once a week thereafter or 10mg daily.

    Source: Experience, Merck’s manual, Upjohn’s vitamin manual, the Nurient bible by Henry Osiecki. Newton’s pharmacy.

    NHMRC riboflavin recommendations for Australian adults:

    1. – RDI men: 1.3 mg/day
– RDIwomen:1.1mg/day
“The most common signs are pallor and maceration of the mucosa in the angle of the mouth (angular stomatitis) and vermilion surfaces of the lips (cheilosis), followed by superficial linear fissures that may leave scars when healed. When these lesions are infected by Candida albicans, greyish white exuberant lesions (perleche) result. The tongue may appear magenta/ Cutaneous lesions usually affect the nasolabial folds, alae nasi, ears, eyelids, scrotum and labia majora. These areas become red, scaly and greasy and sebaceous material acccumulates in hair follicles producing dyssebacia or shark skin. Treatment: 10 to 30 mg orally per day until a response is evident. Then 2 to 4 mg until recovery.
Merck’s Manual 17th edition, section 1 Page 47 
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

    From Earl Mindell’s vitamin bible: This is an easy to understand book for those with less science:

    B2 Riboflavin. also known as vitamin G.

    Deficiency is Arobflavinosis, sores and rashes around mouth, lips, skin and genitalia.

    Found in Milk, Liver, kidneys, yeast, cheese leafy green vegetables, fish and eggs (so you can see why being a vegetarian is a bad idea.)

    No known toxic effects. If you are taking the pill, pregnant or lactating, you need more.

    It is the most common deficiency in the American diet. (I’m Australian, we eat lots of fish and lamb’s liver).

    Destroyed by light, hormones and alcohol and food cooked in water which dissolves it out. US RDA is 1.2 to 1.6 milligrams (mg) per day.

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    Fix your skin immediately with this free ebook.

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    You might treat yourself for parasites - they have a way of robbing you of nutrition and giving you skin issues.

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    Palmers cocoa butter

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    You need to brush exfoliate. Use a cream with Jojoba oil in it.

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