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Appetite increase - what from?

OK. I ve been struggling with anxiety all my life, and major stress for the last couple years. I ve also struggled with depression for the last two years, which was especially prevalent the past 6 months or so. But in the last two months I ve gained like 12 pounds (which is a lot for my height at 5 2" but I am fine with it because I don t like looking super skinny). The odd part is that usually when my stress gets worse, I have awful anxiety/depression spells that last for days and sometimes weeks where I lose weight because I dry-heave and puke and can t eat. I m under a tremendous amount of stress but I ve been extremely hungry and gaining weight the last couple months. I m always hungry to the point of over eating. My drinking has increased slightly, but not SO much (I ve been drinking more than I should for at least the last 3 years). I ve been taking xanax for my anxiety for the last 2 years. My Dr prescribed me phenergan/promethazine at a pretty low dose a couple months ago as well. It helps my appetite and helps my nausea which is usually induced by my anxiety; however, I don t take phenergan every day, but I m super hungry every day. Again, I m not complaining, as I did want to gain the weight back that I d lost because of anxiety. It s just weird that now all of the sudden my anxiety increases my appetite when it has decreased it all the time for the last 5+ years. Is it the alcohol? The phenergan? I m a 26 y/o female by the way.

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    Nutrient deficiency, your body is trying to get some nutrient it is short off so it makes you eat,

    Anxiety and depression can also be caused by poor nutrition.

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    I guess you believe in the low fat diet fad, fats are essential for healthy brain function.

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