Sccy cpx-2 or Walthers pk380 for ccw?

Looking for new ccw, I know everyone will say there are better out there but what I'm asking is between these 2, which one would you say is better? Thank u

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  • 2 years ago
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    Apples and oranges. Different styles and different cartridges. There are probably a dozen better choices. First you should decide is what caliber you want to carry. 9mm Luger is generally considered acceptable, while the .380 ACP is considered marginal, but given it's potential in pocket guns is often carried.

    If you want a .380, I would suggest looking at the Ruger LCP II, S&W Bodyguard 380, Kahr Arms CW380, and (because Higgy Baby likes it so much) the Bersa Thunder 380. Walther makes decent guns, but the one thing that I dislike about about the PK380 is that you have to decock it by putting the safety on and pulling the trigger. Needing to pull the trigger on a loaded CCW gun to put it in a safer mode is troubling to me.

    If you want a 9mm Luger carry gun, then I suggest looking at the Ruger LC9s, the S&W Shield, and the Springfield Armory XDs, and Glock 43. The nice thing about the CPX-2 is that is cheap, reliable, and being double stack it carries 10 rounds in the mag. The latter makes the grip a little fatter that other subcompacts and possibly puts it up into XDm or G26 territory or that of other double stack sub compacts. The CPX-2 is effectively double action and the trigger pull is long, but reasonably smooth and I am fairly accurate with it for a small gun. The one thing I hate about it is the loooong trigger reset; the longest I have seen on any semi-auto pistol I own. If you don't allow the trigger to go all the way back to its original position it won't reset. And if you are trying to make that quick follow-up second shot and go to pull the trigger the second time and nothing happens, the split seconds you take to realize what happened and relax your finger all the way on the trigger could make all the difference.

    I recommend you find a range that rents the CCW guns you are interested in and try before buying.

  • 2 years ago

    For half the price of the PK380....I'd have to choose the SCCY....and hope the darn thing worked.

    That SCCY will be a rough shoot, and that PK380 cost way too much for what you get.

    But personally....I would not carry either.

    If you are not afraid to carry 380 ( I'm not), look at the Bersa line... very hard to beat. From the 15 oz CC with an 8 round mag, to the 21 oz Plus with a 15 round mag... excellent shooters.

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