How many of you females wear wigs in public? (more so Caucasian women)?


So I live in NYC and I always see these women with beautiful, thick long hair.. Is it abnormal if I wear wigs that are font laced? (meaning the hair line looks more realistic, so it doesn't really *look* as though I have a wig on.) Do females do this? or is it weird? I know many women of color do it, but do any Caucasian girls do this?

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  • 3 years ago

    With an wig you can change your hairstyle anytime and you do not need worry about the appearance(tailored human hair wigs just 100% invisible and undetectable)

    As a kid in the ‘90s, I remember the particular shame of one of my mother’s friends, who went to considerable lengths to disguise the fact she wore a wig after losing her hair from chemotherapy. She cut and dyed it to match her natural hair, and further disguised it under baseball caps. But today, taboos around hair pieces are evaporating, thanks largely to greater experimentation among celebrities and increased transparency via social media, as well as improvements in product and application technology.

    By the way wigs are necessary for black women, all of the famous hollywood black star like Rihanna,Beyonce,Nathalie Emmanuel,Zoe Saldana and Zoe Kravitz they all wear wigs.

    when is comes to the good quality human hair wigs we usually think it should be perfect in artistic & technic sides, just your cup of tea~

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  • Leanne
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    I used to wear cosplay Japanese wigs all the time when my hair was short but now it's long I never do

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  • alexis
    Lv 5
    3 years ago

    Nope. I'm half Caucasian half black. So I have nice curly hair. I like the concept of wigs, but I'd never have the patience for them.

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