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What do you do when you want old friends to be in your life again?

Last year I met the best people ever in my life. We did almost everything together for about 4 months, which seems short, but I take these things to heart. I’ve completely cut them out of my life and ignore them because I didn’t want to make them unhappy. I ignore them til this day and I’m acc slowly dying inside. They look at me, a lot, they like my stuff on social media and ive notice that they become loud when they’re around me. When I usually trail behind them in school and not notice I’m there they’re not loud at all. but I’m afraid to approach them or just tell them how I feel that I want them back in my life. It seems obvious of what I should do but idk how to this physically. Any help will mean a lot!

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    Ik how u feel. I once sat crying, trying to force myself to pick up the phone and call someone I wanted to be friends with. I knew I badly wanted it but I had to force the hell out of myself.

    Here's how u do it mate. What's holding you back is dead and insecurities. You have to silence them with logic. You have to ask yourself "can I control someone's mind? Someone's emotions? Someone's actions?" the answer is no. So do you know what means? It means you always have a fifty-fifty chance of someone doing what you want. Ex:

    Your fear : "what If they ignore me, say they don't want to talk to me. Or they treat me like I treated them."

    Positivity: "what if they are happy to hear from me and invite me to do something, and then I apologize and they say it's okay they're just happy to have me back"

    Reality : I myself would do exactly that if a friend pulled away from me. So why is it so hard to believe someone else would.

    Practice this with ever fear and insecurity that pops in your mind with everything you do in life.

    And never forget if the worst scenario actually happens... What did you lose? Logic! They are not in your life now, they may not be in your life after. But if you don't try, you are guaranteed they will never be in your life again.

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    Pick up the phone and you set up a meeting to do something. Like go out drinking or what you kids do these days.

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    I think the first thing you should do is apologize to them, because it was very rude of you to start ignoring them for no good reason. "I didn't want to make them unhappy." I mean, wtf is THAT supposed to mean?!?

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