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We're shopping around. What do you consider to be the best but most affordable pet health insurance plan?


Our vet clinic has an annual plan: you pay per month & they can cut costs somewhat: help with yearly dental cleaning, well-checks, 4 exams, monthly flea treatments/claw clipping, annual urinalysis & blood test, as well as boosters for some shots. We have 2 older cats (age 13) and they need more attention now, as their sibling just died. For their age, the plan is $45/mo per animal. A healthy junior cat is cheaper. We just got a 1 year old as well. Is this fair or is insurance better?

Update 2:

The vet clinic offers a discount on all items offered in their plan.

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  • lucy
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    I have enclosed a site of where I go for my golden retriever and the past 3 dogs that have since passed away.

    3 dogs ago, had my 8 year old golden neutered and paid $300 plus. But the next one found this clinic that only cost $60, plus other small amounts but the total cost was (less) than $100. Then my current one a female (sprayed) vs the past were male (neutered) cost me $10 more, but once again paid (vet cost $350) since I also bought flea preventative/heartworm for (1 year), so the total cost for all was less than $150 including everything.

    I take her for her vaccines, and also add the bordello shot since I take her to daycare, so pay less than $40 for (1) year.

    Look, Vets are great for problems, and I have a great Vet that understands me taking any dog for a neuter/spray at the clinic or vaccines for the lower cost. But my last dog, got cancer, and he was great and took him on a weekly/monthly visit to try and treat/control the cancer, but unable to. He was the one that put my dog down when we decided that nothing would work, since the my dog was familiar with the vet and made it more comfortable for both us and our beloved dog.

    I had 2 (prior) cats that (both) of them lived to 18 years each. The 1st one was what they call a cat with 9 lives. He was hit by a car and lived. Then we had a house fire and the firemen had to revive him. Then he jumped out of (our) car onto a highway, (hated being in the car, going to our campground) every weekend, and ended up with a fractured collar bone and skinned his paws. He was truly a miracle cat and the best cat after maybe owning over 6 or 7 in my lifetime, who would follow me around like a puppy dog and would not leave my sight. Guess what his name was shadow, (stray).

    But both of my last cats, I may have taken them to the vets 6 or 7 times (total over 36 years) for problems. So they only need vaccines and that was about it. But my dogs are another matter, that they (ate) something, needed x-rays, or got sick, threw up or had diarrhea and usually went to the vet on average of 1 to 3 times per year, and that is what you need a vet for, when they are sick.

    Insurance and a “discount” plan sounds like not a good idea to me, especially since with the vet and insurance. My suggestion is to look into “discount clinics” like mine for the yearly cost to be much lower than a vet. Before finding the clinic, I remember paying almost $300 for vaccines, test and the exam. (ouch).

    You need pet insurance for the BIG things, like cancer treatment, or surgery etc, not well exams, vaccines etc. But (all) pet insurance goes (up) per year due to the fact that the pet is one year older, thus more likely to get sick or have a serious injury.

    Based on my experience, with cats they are cheap vs dogs. Other than they getting (cat leukemia, cant think of the name, and only if they are outside/inside cats) then they are not like puppies that eat (anything) or run off, if not held down by a collar, but have had 2 dogs with seizures, 1 dog that had a tumor (non cancerous) and had surgery, that has cost me probably $10,000 (total 4 dogs) vs the cats that may have cost me a (max) of $1,000 for all cats combined.

    Put that $45 in a savings account to be used (only) in an emergency vs paying for this insurance.

    This is only my opinion.

    OOPS, forgot to add site.

  • tro
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    3 years ago

    years ago when I considered having pet insurance I found it more expensive than merely paying the fees as we needed care

  • Judith
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    3 years ago

    A friend just took her 16 year old cat to the Humane Society and paid a total of $40 to have it put to sleep and buried. My vet charges $80 to put a pet to sleep and $40 for burial. $300 is ridiculous. Spending $2000 on a cat with cancer is ridiculous if you don't have the money; I don't care how much you love it. If you can't afford the treatment then you need to make some hard decisions - most important of them all is the quality of your cat's life. When my 16 year old cat lost 6 lbs and was obviously no longer enjoying life I took her to the vet and had her put to sleep; she had cancer and was in pain.

    As for vet insurance, who best to ask then YOUR vet. Certainly your vet's office knows which insurances pays best and which don't.

    Of course you can always set up a savings account for the specific purpose of covering non-routine vet procedures for the cats you have now and in the future.

    RE BURIAL - My friend's cat was buried in a mass grave with other pets/animals from the shelter (she couldn't afford anything more - she has $6000 in med bills for herself which is causing her a financial hardship). MY cats have always been buried in a pet cemetery - $40 is what the cemetery charges.

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    I had a talk with my cat a long time ago. "If anything costs more than $200-$'re not getting that." She obliged. We got along just fine.

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  • 3 years ago

    self insurance.

    get a quote, pay that into a savings account each month.

    take the animal to the vet as needed

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