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What made Zinedine Zidane such a great footballer?

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    There are two main attributes that made Zidane the fantastic player that he was. A great first touch and technique are two absolutely essential attributes, Zidane had these in abundance. So often the ball would die on Zidane's feet no matter which way he received a pass- this is supremely difficult. A great first touch gives one the extra half second to beat a defender, make that decisive pass, or score a goal. Technique is equally vital in the way that a gun's barrel acts as essential passage for the bullet to travel through. His technique allowed him to carry out whatever his creative mind came up with. It's one thing to understand conceptually what to do, another entirely to execute it. Having poor technique and expecting success is like a FIFA player who thinks they are great in real life because they win often in the game. These two attributes were the foundation to Zidane's success but by no means the only things. A perfect first touch and technique can be found in a good many players, here is what essentially created separation between Zidane and the rest. Eagle eye vision, intelligence, unrivaled balance made possible by his flexible hips, natural toughness and street smarts derived from the streets of France and long limbs that made it easier to glide and evade defenders. All of this culminated in an elegance that merged with his technique to make him seem always at ease.

    Zidane is a blend of nature and nurture. In him, hard-work and discipline met elegance and grace to produce one of the finest footballers to set foot on a pitch.

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    His headbutts. No jk,he had great ambition.

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