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Why do you think the wwe never had these guys as world champions?




Steve blackman

Ken shamrock

Dan Severn

Dean malenko

Lance storm


MR. perfect

Austin Aries

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    Raven : I think WWE liked Raven, but he came about in a time where the roster was slam packed with star power. He also had his demons with drugs and personality disorders that might've played a role in him falling as far down the card as being on Sunday Night Heat

    Taz : I'm not a huge Taz fan when it comes to the wrestling side of things. I think there have been wrestlers better than Taz that were Taz inspired. If I had to guess a singular reason, it might've been his initial reaction upon debut and maybe even his height.

    Tajiri: Not a big enough star. No one was clamoring for that Taijiri break out moment.

    Steve Blackman : Not a great wrestler, and a complete charisma vacuum.

    Ken Shamrock : I think Shamrock got lost in the shuffle. Me might've been hard to play ball with as well. I've gotten the impression from Ken that he was a bit of a backstage and locker room bully.

    Dan Severn : They brought him in with the NWA Championship, so I doubt they'd put the belt on someone synonymous with a title that isn't theirs. He's also not a flashy worker or all that charismatic of a guy.

    Dean Malenko : Small, not charismatic.

    Lance Storm : I'd argue mismanagement to a degree, I'd also argue Lance wasn't as good in-ring as people made him out to be. Still, WCW, OVW, and ECW managed to put major titles on him. WWE might be a little to blame on this one, but I never got Lance's appeal personally.

    Doink : He's an evil clown gimmick

    Mr. Perfect : Perfect could've been champion no question, but it was during a time where WWE focused on one big star at a time, and a lot of great midcard talent that could've been main event didn't go further than the IC picture. This one might be the biggest crime on the list.

    Austin Aries: I'd argue Aries somewhat under performed on NXT, which is why I think he landed on 205 Live. I've also heard they wanted to stick him behind the commentary table (another misfortune that befell Perfect and Randy Savage. WWE just seems to have it out for charming Midwesterners). I'm sure Aries' ego didn't help matters either.

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