After 3yrs and not getting being awarded disability can you get another lawyer? They signed a paper years ago on the first visit.?

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  • Judith
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    2 years ago
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    You can do whatever you want. You want another attorney; then get one. Tell your current attorney you are firing them and be sure to tell your new attorney that the other has been representing you until now. And be sure to tell social security. You will need a new SSA-1696.

    Having an attorney doesn't guarantee that you will be approved and if denied it isn't likely that it is your attorney's fault.

    The medical evidence must show that your health problem(s) is so severe that it prevents you from working and earning $1170 a month for at least 12 months - not for any other reason; e.g. you can't find a job or no one will hire you. If under age 55 you must be unable to do ANY type of work - not just the kind of work you've done before. If age 55 or older you must be incapable of doing the same type of work you've done most in the 15 years before becoming disabled. The decision isn't made by your doctors.

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 yrs.
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