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what shhould I expect if I go from England to North America on the Queen Mary 2? Will I really see what I want to see?

I was planing a trip to North America and managed for work out a good itinerary just shy of 15,000 Pounds.

Here is my itinerary on what will be my trip blog.

I just recieved a fairly large inheritance and am interested in doing a " gap year" before college, and I looked into voulinteering in a 3rd world country but ultimately planned a more traditional tourism based travel experience.

Can I visit the statue of liberty? White House?

Can I see Uncle Sam and Columbia in Washington DC?

Do soldiers have drills and parades in the city of DC?

Do conch trumpets sound in Key West?

Is Cozumel any good? Can I see coral reefs there?

Are there cowboys in America?

Do fifers and drummers in philadephia still wear tricorn hats?

Can I hear the liberty bell ring?

Are there lumberjacks in Minnesota?

What time at night do the northern lights start and go out in Alaska?

Do planters and southern belles stroll the statehouse grounds in Florida?

Do bands play live jazz in new orleans and do they like from great gatsby dance swing to the bands?

Are there real indians still on the plains?

Are there any eskimos in alaska?

How do we lure polar bears to ensure an encouter with them?

Are there any pirates in florida or the caribbean around for photo ops and stuff?

Is there salsa dancing to watch in florida?

Are there still naval officers parading in antebellum uniforms in Charleston or Tampa? Any old navy ships or forts to tour?


Do people still dress like Abraham Lincoln in Washington DC, are top hats still common there?

Are there any totem poles in Ketchikan?

Are there poets in Seattle Coffee Shops?

Are there still canadian mounties in vancouver?

Does Juneau look like one of those Department 56 Christmas VIllages?

Are there dog sleds in anchorage?

Is there swing, Charleston and Jazz dance to watch along the gulf coast?

Are there surfers to watch in Miami?

Is there salsa dancing to watch in Tampa?

Update 2:

Are hotel concierges reliable in North America? Can they help me find the things and direct me to find things I need in America?

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    Still trolling on your pretend travel to the colonies. Suggest you look for guide books in your local library published after the early 1900's.

    They have things like electricity in the wild west. In some places they even have these inventions called automobiles that people travel from place to place.

    Indians have moved from their Wigwams,Longhouses and Tepees and live in what are called modern homes. I assume y'all in England still live in thatched huts and work the land for the local Lord. Do you get to ride the steam engine to London? What do you do with all them shillings farthings and pennies? Must have huge pockets.

    YOU on your travels will; encounter culture shock and be humiliated and laughed at as you travel around showing your extreme ignorance of places outside of Europe.

    For your New Question. YES there are Mounties in Vancouver and other places in Canada. They are the National Police Force.

    Want one in a Red Uniform. Be nice and someone might get their out for you to take a Picture.

    On a horse a little harder to arrange.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Do fifers and drummers in Philadelphia still wear tricorner hats? YES and in other places too.

    Travelling on the Queen Mary 2 How fascinating. I thought steerage class was no longer offered.

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    What an incredible waste of 15,000 pounds; starting from such ignorance. Half of your questions are based on myth or nonsense so it's probably just a troll question, but you need to do some learning and change your plans.

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