Genealogy. I need to know who Andrew Jacksons parents were, mostly the mother Susan Johnson. More information below?

Who is this Andrew Jackson Jack Combs? and who is Susan/Suzie Johnson, did she have Andrew out of wedlock?

Does anyone have good ideas of who the parents are for

Andrew Jackson Jack Combs b. 16 Apr 1867 d. 16 Sep 1925 Knott Co. KY? He married Elizabeth Betty Terry d/o Thomas Terry & Sylvania V Patrick.

A death certificate believed to be his says parents are William Couch and Sussie Johnson but I ve yet to confirm this or match who they might be. The death record dates are slightly different, the undertaker (family) is Sylvaney Terry (mother-in-law) and cemetery is Everedge rather than Patrick which is confirmed by a close family member who is not available often. The record was filed Nov 1, 1925 and is not marked Delay . Obviously, we ve all encountered error info on these often, as well as grave stones but for now I ve chosen the dates on his stone.

I do have a good amount of info on Jack up to present but his ancestors remain a mystery. Searches of Lynda s records have not produced anything but maybe some of you have run into this line before? Please share any thoughts and questions. TIA!

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    Andrew Jackson was an enormously popular president; there are tens of thousands of men named "Andrew Jackson _____", where "____" is the surname.

    You didn't give many details. Your last question was about Owsley County, so I looked. Could this be him?

    Booneville, Owsley, Kentucky; Roll: 438; Page: 292A; Enumeration District: 079

    Combs, Tarlton, 37, Farmer, Ky, Ky, Ky

    Combs, Mary A, 35, wife Keeping House, Ky, Va, Va

    Combs, Martha A, 14, dau At Home, Ky, Ky, Ky

    Combs, Andrew J, 13, son At Home, Ky, Ky, Ky

    Combs, Charles, 10, son At Home, Ky, Ky, Ky

    Combs, Albert, 6, son, Ky, Ky, Ky

    Combs, Clarinda, 3, dau, Ky, Ky, Ky

    Combs, Lewis, 18, son At Home, Ky, Ky, Ky

    Lewis looks suspicious because he is out of birth order, so I looked back a decade.

    1870, Millers Creek, Estill, Kentucky

    Falton Combs 27

    Mary Combs 25

    Matha Combs 4

    Andrew J Combs 3

    Charles Combs 6/12

    Lewis Candle 7

    He is either a stepson from Mary's previous marriage, or a stepson from Mary's previous kadoodeling outside of marriage, or an orphaned nephew or something else. Tarlton either adopted him by 1880 or the enumerator made a false assumption. The fact he comes after the other kids in 1880 hints, but does not prove, that the enumerator knew he wasn't the child of Tarlton.

    > maybe some of you have run into this line before?

    Most of us regulars do this because we love a good puzzle, not because we're related.; it's better than doing crosswords. Y!A is world-wide, although the questions in the domestic section tend to be about Americans. The chance of someone here knowing anything about a specific line is slim. Ancestry has message boards for both the Combs surname and Owsley County. (And for tens of thousands of other surnames, and for every county in every state in the USA.)

    They are free. You have to register, but they don't spam you. Either one will be much less active than Y!A but much more tightly focused.

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