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How many times a day should an adult male cat eat?

A very friendly cat that used to roam around the neighborhood was abandoned by his previous owners and a few weeks later he came to our door asking to be fed. We felt sorry for the now skinny cat and decided to buy some food for him, so he sort of adopted us. How many times a day should we feed him? (That's him in the picture, I took it long before he adopted us during one of his visits to us)

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    It depends upon the amount of food you're feeding... some people feed only once, but that doesn't work too well. Some people feed twice... but that doesn't work too well either. Feeding your cat thrice is the ideal amount of food... this cat is a domestic short-hair... they are smart, very smart. They know what to eat and how much to eat... so don't worry about giving them too much or too less... don't give him too much though because then he would leave it when he's done and it's not very comfortable to stuff the food back into the packet or the can or whatever. So just give him some, if he wants more, he'll ask for it and once he's had enough, he'll start swirling his tounge around the teeth and would sit down at a corner and then he'll start cleaning himself up... cats are fun... I hope I helped, good luck!

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    Great. Soon you'll have a whole colony of strays crapping and pissing all over the neighborhood. Hope the neighbors call the cops on you.

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    Twice a day is good.

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    You can feed your cat 3 times in small portions, i feed my cat dry food twice and wet food once. I control the portions i give him.

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    Very pretty cat!

    He needs to eat a portion of food in the morning, and in the evening. Because he is outside, he may not eat at every meal time, and may not eat all of it. I would only feed him when you see him, and only when he is hungry. This prevents things like raccoons taking the cat food.

    If you really have adopted him, he should go to the vet for updated shots. Outdoor cats are exposed to many diseases, and the vaccines for them are cheap in comparison for the treatment.

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