What is the best online website where I can have an online tutor in English?

I'm 23 yrs old college graduate, I can speak English a little but I want to be fluent in speaking English because I'm an elementary teacher, as a teacher I want to be a better English speaker.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago
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    The more practice the better. I would recommend audiobooks on youtube, play the videos at 0.5 speed and put on subtitles so you can read and later remember how to pronouce the word prperly in english. If you are trying to get better at UK 🇬🇧 English you should try the game of thrones audiobook, it helped me a hell lot. If you want only American 🇺🇸 English then just think of a good American book that you can find on youtube. An hour of this a day will help, trust me.

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