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what do you think is the best MA course in Education I should take?

I'm a new teacher, and as of now I'm taking a master in Educational management but I find it hard for for me because I'm just an slow-average, I'm not smart, and I can't speak english well, I'm planning to enrol to another school next yr or another yr for a better course that really suit for me, sometimes I feel insecure because they are so good unlike me I need to learn more. I am also planning to have a tutor in english online so I can learn more to speak English fluently I hope it'll work, It is sad for me to stop my MA but I cannot really do this because I can't be a leader or a principal,


I think I can be better in some course but I don't know what would best fit MA course for me, I'm a sensitive person, I love to teach I don't what to be a principal I just wan't to maximize my knowlede that's why I want to take MA, I love children, my favorite subject is science, hope you can help me with my questions.

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  • 2 years ago
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    Your writing`s really good.

    English Lit.would be easy for you imho

    but if your passion is science, talk with tutors before you decide, is best imho.

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