The cable company charges a monthly fee of $45 Each movie rental is $1.99 You owe $68.88. How many movies did you rent?


Please turn this into an equation and explain your answer so I can understand

Update 2:

Please turn this into a two step equation and explain how you got your answer so I can understand

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  • 3 years ago
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    first we are gonna use X as our unknown variable (X represents the amount of movies he bought)

    we know that every month he wants 45 dollars in addition to the movies he rented, and since it's 68.88 dollars that means our equation is


    now you want to move the 45 to the other side, so what you do is minus 68.88 by 45. this is what you get.


    now you have to divide both sides by 1.99 to isolate the X variable. so divide 23.88 by 1.99 and this is what you get.


    Hope I helped and good luck!

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    3 years ago


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